Lance Corporal

My big spoon is currently en route to southern Afghanistan to fight in an endless war. Last night he got on a plane to spend six days traveling to a part of the world where communication is minimum and IEDs are prevalent.

Lance Corporal (soon to be Corporal, hopefully!) Justin. That’s right, the Marine’s real name is Justin. He is, quite possibly, the best boyfriend a girl could have. He knows how to make me laugh when I’m sad and he can handle the neuroses of an obsessive knitter (including saying “If you made it for me, I’ll wear it”).  He’s the best cuddler and, though he says chivalry is dead, opens the door for me and picks up the tab almost always (except for the times when I wrestle the check out of his hand and he finally gives in to my F***ing Kehoe-ness. He has high regard for my wobbly bits and I’m sure he’ll be sad to see them diminish in the seven months he’s gone.

This is what I did Sunday afternoon:

This is 275 paper chain links to signify every day (and then some) that he’ll be gone. He might be back in May, or the end of May, or June. It’s unknown so I had to account for more than less (if I had to add more days, it would just… blow).

I found these stickers online and used the picture to create the links. It’s a simple yellow ribbon sticker with USMC and the insignia of the Eagle, Globe, Anchor (Eagle for America, Globe because the Marines protect the world, and the Anchor for their Naval traditions). The physical stickers are on their way to my home from Cafe Press for my and Mom’s cars.

So I’m going to be keeping very busy for the next seven months: working out, knitting, knitting some more and then after I do some knitting, I’ll be knitting.

He leaves this country with my heart and the key to it (literally… it’s sewn into the scarf I made him), knowing I’ll be here waiting for him.

Please, dear readers, keep him in your thoughts that he comes home safely.

239 days


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