I’ll knit it tonight

I’m doing surprisingly well, for those of you who are about to ask me how I am. He should be landing on base in Hell Afghanistan in a few days and I’ll be able to catch up with him.

In other news: Murphy is awesome. She took me for manis/pedis to distract me and saved my nail when I lunged at the phone when Justin called from Maine. I didn’t get home until later than planned but it was a good night. I went to bed in his unit T-shirt and slept as well as could be planned. I got virtually no knitting done yesterday.

That’s not true: I was working on my purple hat after going to Starbucks across from our nail place and got a drink, found that there were 10 chairs in the place and they were all taken so I went outside to find a spot to sit and knit. I had a lot of people stare at me while they passed by and one guy even stopped me and asked me what I was doing and, out of politeness, I let him fondle my knitting. A general note to strangers: I’m very posessive of my wool. I don’t like you fondling or screwing with it touching it in any way that I don’t see fit. I completely forgot to get an awesomely artsy-fartsy picture of my knitting with the cup from Starbucks on the table. It was a good view. I’ll get one next time.

My favorite moment: A salt-and-pepper man dressed in punk attire with an awesome William Fitzsimmons beard complete with an Alkaline Trio sweatshirt. When he came up on me I said “hey, I like your sweatshirt!” and he responded with “Yeah! Do you listen to them?” pshhhh I loved it.

I’m cheating on the spreadsheet so I’ll probably be done by the end of the day… this is probably a bad thing because they don’t have enough work for me. Crap


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