I went to Knitch yesterday because I needed more red for Amy Pond and I wanted to start the other scarf Amy wore in the latest season of Doctor Who. It’ll be my first lace-piece but I’m making it with a light worsted (Cascade 220 superwash) so I think I can do it!

As I was walking around the store I saw the roving section. On top of a shelving unit was a couple containers of the most adorable bits of roving I’d ever seen. I had done some drop spindling previously but I wasn’t really enamoured with the outcome (I wasn’t sure how thin was too thin so I went from super fluffy and chunky to super thin and almost snapping. But when I saw the ladies with their ridiculously thin singles off their spinning at Stitch n Bitch on Monday, I knew I could draft a little bit more. So I bought two (8 oz for 8 dollars. Maybe a bit over the top but it’s so soft and cute, I couldn’t turn it down) and figured I’d teach myself how to ply.

I took the cutesies home and got to work. I drafted the one wide roving into many many baby rovings and started drafting lengthwise making it super thin. When I got about half through the roving I started spinning. It spun up so much easier than when I was making the uneven stuff and I fit so much more on the spindle. I was even able to get a really good spin and just go with it, letting the spindle almost touch the floor as I was standing. I was a little more than half done with the blue when mom came home and saw what I was doing. Instead of spinning the purple separately, I decided to spin them together, thinking it would be even. I didn’t stay super consistent for some reason when I was doing the purple (I think because it kept coming apart, rather than the blue that stayed together so well) so I wound up with a decent amount less of the purple.

Then it was time for the andean ply. I wish I could say I had pictures of this, but as my middle finger was turning blue, I was trying to get Skype on my phone so I could talk to Justin in Kazakhstan and type to him and Caitlin and find the video that taught me how to finish my plying and whatthehellwasIthinkingplyingat11atnight??? I wound that andean ply on my hand so quickly I was amazed at my ability to rush and still do a decent job. I saved my middle finger from its agonizing tournaquette and started spinning the two together.

if you look really closely and turn up your screen brightness, you can almost see the purple under the 2-ply blue!

Again, pictures really sucked in my low-lit home with it being 11 p.m. so I will take pictures the next time I do it! Promise!

While chatting with Justin (or at least trying to… come on Skype. Really? Why do you have to suck so bad?) I finished spinning up the rest of the yarn. I wound up with about two yards of purely blue plied yarn. Even though it’s a little weird, it’s still gorgeous and I can’t wait to knit something up with it. I’d estimate it’s about a light worsted or sport weight so I’m going to use size 6 or 7 needles to make my item. I also have no clue about the weight and/or length of this item since it was late and I didn’t measure out my swift to one yard. I was full of mistakes yesterday. I still have to soak it but haven’t yet because I want to show it off a bit.

There are a ton more baby rovings at Knitch and I’m going to open knit tonight so I’ll be buying some more! I’ll get better pictures this time!


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