You’re making yarn??

I got home yesterday fully intending to add the fringe to Amy Pond and wear it to stitch n bitch last night.

The stupid thing was still wet! I knew it was pretty damp but I honestly didn’t think this would take a full 24 hours to dry. I wanted to wear it. And by that I wanted this scarf to be out of my hair and I wanted it to be dry so I could forget it exists for a while and just wear it already!

So here’s what I did after getting home last night:

Yup. I took the hair dryer to it. And you know what?


So I gave up. I put it in the office, blocked the way I wanted it and left it there for the night.

I didn’t want to knit yesterday so instead I took my drop spindle and roving to Stitch n Bitch and spun more of my 2-ply purple and blue yarn.

The lighting doesn’t give this photo justice. So I took another that still doesn’t give it justice after I got home and wound it into a cute biscuit.

The plying is pretty even so I was very proud of myself and it worked out beautifully. I wound up with one skein with too much blue and one skein with too much purple, so I’ll be able to make a scarf that starts all blue, moves into the dual color and then ends in all purple. I’ve already cast on for a cabled scarf. I left the pattern at home but it’s the same thing I made the Marine’s scarf with so I think I remember the pattern… I hope.

For those of you who may be wondering, I got the mini rovings at Knitch in Delafield. I have no idea what it is… but it’s hand-dyed by a local woman with sheep. Don’t know what kind of sheep they are but their wool is very soft with just the tiniest bit of fuzz.

In the meantime, I’m assembling catalogues. I’d much rather be cabling.

Note: I did wear Amy Pond this morning to work. I still have to put the fringe on but it blocked perfectly and only grew about a foot, so it sits exactly where I wanted it to. Good job, Amy. Thanks for cooperating!


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