Little spoon in need of big spoon

Have I mentioned before that I hate war?

Luckily he got Facebook for a short time and just sent me an e-mail. I was so happy to see his picture on my phone that I welled up a bit. He took time out of his night to send me a message. And he called. I love that guy.

Not much knitting happened last night. I cast on with my first handspun but I don’t think the yarn wants to be made into anything right now. I used size 8 needles to try to make a cabled scarf but it was super tight and didn’t work very well. I ripped it out.

I then tried to make a basic stockinette scarf with size 17s and I hated how it looked. I ripped it out

I then cast on with size 10s  for the cable scarf again and still hated how it looked so instead I cast on a ton on my size 10 circulars and decided to make a horizontal scarf or a neckwarmer depending on its length with as much yarn as there is.

Believe it or not, the yarn is not felting or looking crappy at all. I’m so proud of it!

I’m now tempted to make a hat… Basically I’m completely undecided

Actually a hat sounds like a good idea. Wow just writing it brings me to decide I’m going to make a hat out of this yarn. Yikes that took forever. A hat with one braided cable up the side. There we go!

So to make up for it I did a bunch of crunches and sit ups to get endorphins going and make me feel better.  

I’m also realizing how bad of a decision it was to make spanish lace my first lace project… The other Amy Pond is proving to be just as hard to work on. I’ll post pictures if I ever get the hang of it.

The purple hat that’s been traveling with me wherever I go is close to done. I think 10-15 rows more and I’ll be able to decrease and add earflaps and tassels. I still haven’t decided what I’m going to do with the other skein- a neckwarmer is still on my mind. Not totally sold on that though. I’ll figure it out.

Tonight I knit lace which I suck at and finish the purple hat which looks awesome and spin some blue-black roving. Going to be a good night.


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