I have a tickle in my throat

This normally wouldn’t alarm me because I get enough Vitamin C and such, I take care of my body, I work out, I drink tons and tons of water, etc. so I think I’m relatively healthy (I’m working on the weight thing… don’t bug me. The scale is lying to me).

There are two factors for this scratchy throat:

It’s cold in the house. A lot. I don’t like to be hot. There’s a reason I like winter out of all the seasons- it’s cold! I also don’t like being  hot when I’m sleeping so I asked mom to keep the heat down when we’re sleeping. I thusly wake up and I’m a little cold. I am fine with this fact. I also haven’t been sleeping much since every time my phone goes off I assume it’s ringing and I’ll jump at it hoping it’s Justin calling.

I haven’t really been dressing weather appropriate as of late. I wake up and go to work early. Before the sun most days. It’s 6:45 and I’m getting on the road and I can see my breath most mornings. I get to work and it’s freezing (they still have the AC going in this place) and when I leave for the day it’s scorching. This constant change of temperature could be my issue.

In any case. My throat hurts. I will fix it with a lemon drop.

I’m also still working on the sweater which slows down my liquid and food intake.

I’ve got 5.5 inches done on it so far and I’m loving it. I just started on the increases for the shaping and once that’s done it’s just stockinette stitch all the way until it’s the length I want it to be under the arm. I’m waiting for it to get much harder though- this seems deceptively easy.


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