I’m not one of those people who takes the easy road for anything. If I want to try something new, I’m going to go for the hard bit rather than starting super easy and working my way up. It always looks better when you finish the super hard thing in almost the same amount of time as the easy thing. That’s the overachiever in me.

This was the case when I wanted to start making lace.

I saw the “Vampires of Venice” episode of Doctor Who and I really liked the lace scarf Amy Pond was wearing. It was girly but in a vibrant red so it was strong and I knew I wanted it. I found the pattern in my Super Stitches Knitting book as “Spanish Lace.” It looked hard, but doable. I cast on with some Cascade 220 Superwash and my size 6 needles.

10 minutes later I frogged it out. Then another 5 minutes later I frogged it out, then 10 again, then 7 this time. Every time I let out another expletive or whimper, mom would laugh. This yarn wasn’t going to make it very far if I kept frogging so I put it away for a bit. Mom started it and got two rows down before I got back to the car after about 30 minutes.

If it took mom 30 minutes to make two rows, I was never going to be able to do it. I don’t have the kind of patience my mother has. I’m all about instant gratification five minutes ago. I told myself I suck at lace and forgot about it for a while.

That was until I saw one of the ladies at Stitch n Bitch working on a beautiful lace shawl last night. I asked for help and they very willingly obliged.They looked at the chart, said this is super complex for a newbie lace-er and I should pick something easier. So I agreed and abandoned the Spanish Lace figuring I’d return to it some day.

I was perusing through Super Stitches Knitting again last night and I found the Vine Lace. It has four rows and you only do stuff on the even rows and you purl the first and third rows. I figure that’ll be easy enough so I’m going to cast on with the gorgeous variegated red (Knit One Crochet Too 2nd time Cotton in a colorway I can’t remember because the label is at home)  I got from a swap a month or so ago.

Look! Holes! It’s LACE!!!! I MADE LACE!

It’s time for a happy dance and a new cup of Chai.

Now I have to return to my work. This whole reward system might work today. Do an hour of work, get to do a few minutes of knitting. It might just keep me sane.

An update on whatever was in my walls: I slept in my bed for the whole night without hearing a single squeak or scratch. I hope the little bugger has either moved on in life or has moved on to harass another household.


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