Random Thursday

1. I woke up with a migraine… slept another two hours.

2. Finally got to work at 10:30 and got to do some serious work… I had a lot of spreadsheeting to do…

3. When my butt went to sleep and I couldn’t read the word ‘hospital’ without thinking I was spelling it wrong every time, I cast on the vine lace scarf with this yarn:

4I considered what yarns to use for the Marine’s hats. I need more yarn… this is a sickness

5. I worked super late today so I didn’t get a whole lot of time to knit so I don’t have a picture for you.

6. I bought the French Press Knits slippers pattern. They will be warming the feet of three beautiful ladies whom are very close to me.

7. I may end up making them for all my friends… 90 minutes each? Buh… I’m probably going to get addicted to them.

8. I also don’t have size 15 needles… I feel the need to skip that fact and pretend the 15 is a 13 and get started with them tonight. If they end up felting too small I’ll give them to someone with small feet.

9. I lost my checkbook… it’s somewhere in the house but I have a check that needs to be made so I can buy more yarn.

10. Mom is making an Alpaca scarf on her loom-thingy. She gushes over it regularly and I gush over the chartreuse color.

11. I’m very tired so I’m going to bed early and probably not going to get any knitting done tonight… other than the FPK slippers… Because they’re calling me.


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