Finishing touches

OK, OK. I know I said I’d be blogging every day but I’ve been super busy and the blog just took a backseat… I was knitting though so I was thinking about the blog, just never got the opportunity to express my knitterly love in blogging.

Anyway, now that you all forgive me– I hope– I’m going to share all the things I did since Friday!

So Friday night I knit on the sweater and finished the back. It went from this:

To this:

Mom still has doubts that it’ll fit. It might be a little tight right now but I’m taking a break from it and I’ll return to working on it when I’m over the stress of Christmas knitting.

Saturday morning I was going down to Kenosha with my besties to visit Caitlin. I wanted to wear Amy Pond and show her off to all the Doctor Who fans on the trip so I finally added the fringe to her. She’s the perfect length and she kept me nice and cozy warm for the whole day.

While in the car, I had my Stitch n Bitch yarn and I was working on the vine lace that I thought I would love. Turns out loud music and three rambunctious friends makes a very complicated lace-making day, so I frogged it (twice) and wound up making something very simple while watching Red at the theater, even though I frogged that plan anyway.

Sunday I slept, and slept some more and then watched some TV and haunted Ravelry for a while.

Last week I forgot to blog about this so here it is. Remember the Great Orange Sweater? After looking at the straggly orange yarn that was completely un-spun for so long, I decided to fix it. I took two balls of the yarn and spun them together to make an 8-ply single. Yup. That was 8-ply… single.

I then did an Andean ply and after I regained the circulation in my middle finger (I really need to figure out the way to not make my hand go blue…) I plied it to make a chunky 2-ply machine-wash yarn.

The photos don’t really give it that great of a depicition of color because it’s like the inside of a pumpkin kind of orange. It’s really gorgeous, I’m just not sure what to knit up with it.

Speaking of orange: I recently participated in a really awesome destash. A girl on Ravelry was getting rid of some of her yarn, sadly it does happen sometimes. I bought some black 100 percent Alpaca (Alpacas of the Arc) and this really truly gorgeous Family Pendragon Sportweight yarn in colorway “Feast” or “Arthur.”

It went from this:

To this after a bout five minutes:

Which then became this after a 15 minute mile run/walk shower and dinner:

I’m going to be making the vine lace scarf out of this yarn and I swear, I’m not going to take it apart this time!. It’s Sport and I’m using size 8 needles (It’s on size 6 in the photo but I made a mistake on counting so I’m going to start over on size 8. I need the 6s for hats…) so it should be delicate and beautiful. I also think the striping will look awesome in it so I’m so excited to knit this up.

Finally, I’m going to buy more yarn today but it’s not for me! I swear! I really have to get a move on with the Marine hats. I have 8 to make before Thanksgiving so that leaves me with only 5 precious weeks to knit 8 mens hats. How am I going to do this?


I’m planning on buying two more sets of size 6/7 circular needles to make these hats. I figure if I have two on the needles, I can take one with me everywhere at all times and work on the other if I get bored with the first. These hats are going to be so simple and they’re going to be made of boring colors (or manly… I should say) of gray, green and black and I’m going to be sending them off as soon as they’re all done. I need a superwash yarn so I’m really considering Cascade 220 since I can usually make two hats out of one skein. Should be good.

On a completely detached note: I’m planning on running a 5K in March. It’ll be my first one and it’s going to be a great affirmation that what I’m doing to lose weight is really working. Who’s with me?!


3 thoughts on “Finishing touches

  1. So, it sounds like we have a ton in common! I just started running a year ago (to help with weight loss) and it’s been amazing. I lost 30 pounds right away, but then I’ve stayed right there for about 9 months, so now begins ‘real’ work 🙂 I finished my first marathon this summer. How did the 5k go?! Are you still running? What’s your new goal?

    1. Thanks for your comment. I haven’t been running. Once I discovered yoga and my really busy work day, I haven’t had the time or energy to get on the treadmill. I have been walking a lot at work so that’s good!

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