4 hours

I definitely only got that much sleep last night so if this post is either extra snarky or abrasive, that’s why.

On to the knitting!

I hate photographing black items but it’s the hat with the most work done on it.

After work yesterday, I braved the ridiculous wind (it’s worse today…) and went to Loop to find some Cascade 220 Superwash in black, green and gray. I didn’t find any gray but I found black and forrest green (it’s called something else but I’m not using that name…) and bought four skeins to make my eight hats for the boys Justin works with in the armory in Afghanistan (I usually find that one 220 yard skein makes two hats at least). I also bought another pair of US 6 circs and US 7 circs to give me a grand WIP total of three hats at a time. While I logically understand I can’t knit three hats at a time, I can switch to another option when I feel punchy with one. These hats are going to be mind-numbingly boring and simple so I’m planning on sucking it up and getting them done right away so I can do the finishing touches on them before putting them in the mail.

I cast on 90 sts of green on the size 6s and 80 on the size 7s. I made them the same size for the guys as I make for myself because I have a freakishly large head (22 inches… like wow) and I don’t have a way to find out how big the guys’ heads are a.) because communication has been shut down until further notice and b.) that’s stupid… these hats will stretch out to fit snugly under their helmets or just fit nicely anyway.

Last night was terrible after I stopped knitting and it’s not really worth mentioning in this blog. Just know that my brain hurts today and I’m trying to function properly at work. Lots of fluids and a good lunch should help. That and a good run as soon as I get home will bring me out of this funk. Gotta love the endorphins.

I’m still working on the lace from the Family Pendragon yarn, but it’s taken a bit of a back seat. If I can’t stand knitting hats at some point, I’ll switch to the lace for a little more brain-required-work. I only managed to get  two repeats done of the pattern yesterday but it’s starting to stripe every now and then. It looks like fall and I love the color combinations.

It reminds me of the turkeys we used to make with our hands and the multi colored strips of oranges, yellows, browns and reds. So great.

Off to work I go!


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