I’m sorry

I have many things to be sorry about today.

1.) I didn’t knit at all today.

2.) I didn’t go to work today so I really hope there will be work for me to do… in reality I’m not sorry I did this but I did lose out on lots o money

3.) I didn’t get the post office to get stamps

4.) I didn’t get to the library in time to return my already late CDs so I had to put them in the drop box when it says explicitly on the case not to put them in the drop box. I heard them clatter at the bottom of the box. It wouldn’t surprise me if they asked me to replace them.

5.) I’m sorry Gretchen won Project Runway. Mondo was way better.

6.) I didn’t eat full meals today and didn’t drink my desired amount of water.

7.) I nearly missed two appointments today thanks to traffic and stupidity. Thank you to them for being so flexible.

8.) Finally, to my two best friends who probably don’t read my blog… I’m sorry about the fight we had. I hope you can come to realize that I mean this apology and start talking to me again. If I’m willing to post it in my blog, I think that means I mean it.


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