A couple updates

I suck at finishing hats in a timely manner. I have less than a month to finish 8 hats and I have 1/4 done…

Justin still hasn’t called. I’m assuming the communication blackout is still in affect otherwise he’d have called/Facebooked/IMed/e-mailed. Now that I know why he’s not able to communicate, I’m less worried, but I miss him like whoah and can’t wait to hear from him again.

I had to change my thinking for Christmas presents. Since I have 8 hats to make before Thanksgiving, I can’t get everyone else’s presents (especially the HUGE ones I can’t even finish for myself before x-mas) done in a timely manner because of all the complex stuff I decided to make this year. I had to make a couple changes. Unfortunately, I can’t divulge them to you because my friends read my blog (I hope) so they’d find out quickly what they were getting.

But know this: three pairs of French Press Knits slippers, two pairs of mittens, possibly cabled, possibly thrumed, some specialty yarn for a special knitter in my life, one lace scarf and a partridge in a pear tree.

I’m still knitting away at 1 of 8 Hats for the Marines. It’s barely got any progress but I’ve been busy. All day yesterday was spent away from my knitting and/or doing something where knitting isn’t possible and today was spent working. I’m knitting it as soon as I get done with my run today. Swear.

I am going to SOAR! in Delavan tomorrow just for the marketplace as I’m desperately considering buying a spinning wheel. I was told, under the dutiful guidance of one of the SnB ladies, that I should test drive a wheel before I actually fork out the -almost- paycheck for one.  I’m really thinking the one I’m looking at is a decent wheel though and I think I’ll get it on Saturday. I’ll take pictures and hopefully meet some great bloggers when I’m there!


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