This was a bad idea

I went to work today… bad idea

Why? I’m still dying.

I need more NyQuill and DayQuill. I took the last shots of both yesterday. It was a sad realization that I have to go get more. If only we could have a never-ending supply of them.

I should have stayed in bed sleeping all morning hoping my immune system would decide to start working and beat the crap out of this cold. I, for some reason, got greedy and said I was going to work regardless of how crappy I felt this morning because my paycheck was going to be painful to look at when it came next week. I should have just listened to my sinuses because now they’re screaming at me.

Instead I’m at work, unable to breathe through my nose and I’m taking the elevator (for the first time in months, mind you) and I’m trying to work but the constant need to sneeze is making this task a little tough.

After posting yesterday, I went to sleep. I finished enough spinning for a week or so and I needed to rest, rather than take more time outside the comfort of the snuggling with a struggling cat under the plush blanket to spin more natural laceweight.

I finished the first of eight hats for the Marines while at Stitch n Bitch (did I already mention this? I’m so stupidly sick today I can’t remember) and I cast on and started the garterstitch border for the second in green. I have 20 days to finish the rest of them and all I can think about doing is sleeping… not knitting. Why oh why did this cold have to hit me so hard now? Why did it have to hit at all?!

Anyway– here’s a poorly lit photo of the green hat. It’s a work in progress, obviously.

Note: Ocean Spray Orange Juice is disgusting...

I’ve been here for two hours and I’m thinking that’s good enough for me. Time to disappear to the 5th floor for a while then go home. My well-being is a lot more important than making money at this point…My paycheck is going to be awful this week.


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