A sea of green

I have finally discovered just what to do for the new Baby Bringer blanket and I will forever be surrounded by double crochets. I can’t wait for this baby to be born! He/She will be the first baby in 22 years that was born in the SPRING! I was the first. Every other person in my family is born between September 3 and December 26. I cannot wait for a February baby!

I started this blanket months ago (when we first found out about the new addition to our lovely family) but hated it when it was knit. Then I changed the knit pattern. Then I ripped it out. Then I started crocheting. Then I hated it again, realized that the yarn was ruined and cut it and threw it away. Then I asked mom about the Granny Square pattern which she taught me years ago but I forgot. I’ve been doing one GIANT Granny Square for the last week.

It’s made out of 100 percent acrylic Jo-Ann’s Sensations in a very light green that I think is very gender-neutral. So I suppose being sick paid off because after three-ish days of coughing, sneezing and sleeping, I managed to make this:

It’s nowhere near the size I need (It’s about 24 inches wide right now) so I’m feeling very good about finishing it before the new babe is born.

I also have been working on the Marines’ hats. I finished hat 1 and have been viciously working on hat 2 whenever I have a free moment. I planned on having it done already and here’s how much I have done.

I. Am. A. Failure!

My only response is that I’m a very busy woman! I’ve been working on it as much as possible during my free time so I’m going to get some work done!

On another note: I THINK I’m feeling better. I have no intention of jinxing myself by saying I’m feeling better because then I’ll feel like dying tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow: Be on the lookout for how to make a Granny Square. Should be good!


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