The girls at SnB are badgering me about finishing these hats in time.

But I just finished the second one. And I mean JUST.

I love the way the crown looks. I always love how the crown looks even though I hate doing the crown because it involves DPNs. The second hat is done though. So good. Yay. I am happy.

Now I get to cast on the third hat. Which will look just like the one I just finished. Joy.

Many thanks to Cheryl who told me I had to crank out a hat every two days in order to meet the deadline of November 22 of a mailing date. Not like there’s any pressure or anything… I’ll just have to learn how to run and knit at the same time. Awesome. Either way, if I have to forego sleep, drink gallons of coffee and learn how to knit and run/sleep, I will get these hats done. You have my word.

There. I said it.

I’m also working on a list of stuff to send to Justin for Christmas. I have a very short list of generic stuff (the only thing the boy wanted was better quality razors). He was all “I don’t need anything.” Who cares if you NEED anything? What do you WANT?! What kind of carepackage stuff is appropriate to send to a Marine in the-middle-of-nowhere Afghanistan?

Did I mention I went on my first run in a week yesterday!? It felt AMAZING.


One thought on “Hats

  1. i’m happy you got it finished and sorry for the “pressure”, now i feel bad! i was just trying to give you some perspective! i know you will get them all done, and they will be amazing!! and leave it to boys to give you the answer of i don’t NEED anything…but that’s why we love ’em!

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