Buried in hats

We interrupt your normally scheduled post to inform you that Amanda is unavailable due to being bombarded by Hats for Marines.

The third hat was finished late last night (11 p.m. to be exact) and our knitter made plans to work on the fourth and fifth hats at her earliest convenience during the day today.

Sadly, her morning was derailed by the fact that she couldn’t sleep and accidentally slept through her alarms, left for work extremely late, and has to stay late to make up the time, cutting back on knitting time. Not a solitary stitch was knit as this newscast was written.

“I’m hoping to have them all done by Sunday so I can get the carepackage out sooner,” she said while working on the spreadsheet and drinking copious amounts of water and coffee.

Amanda will more than likely return to the blog tomorrow with another hat finished and four more to go.


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