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One Million, New Yarn and Spinning

Congrats to Ravelry! They’re just a few hundred users away from making it to 1 million! I don’t know if I’ll be awake for it but this is still such an amazing moment in Ravelry history!

As of 10:08 p.m., there were 999,679 users.

When I got home there was a wonderful package sitting on the couch. It was full of YARN! Yay!

The orange is O-Wool- Organic 50/50 Cotton/Wool and it’s super cute and super soft. I anticipate making mittens out of them.

The teal is Asland Trends Pima Classico Cotton and it’s also super cute and super soft. I plan on making mittens with these as well. and maybe a hat. Not sure how much I’ll need!

Then I went out and brought all my hats together because I finished hat number four last night. I’m currently working on a green hat, a black hat and another gray hat. Then there’s just another gray hat to finish and wow I’m done. I will have knit 8 hats in less than a week. The gray hats look awesome and they knit up in a matter of hours.


Finally, I spun up more of the Orange Sweater. It’s a huge skein. I have no idea of the yardage but it’ll make a nice hat, mittens and a cabled scarf for someone who looks awesome in orange.


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