Back to the hours rife with doing nothing.

So last night when I went to Stitch n Bitch. I finished the Rockstar Neckwarmer. I then cast on the Rockstar hat. At 7 p.m. I knit furiously and got to the end of the skein by the time Stitch n Bitch was done. I used some of my first real handspun to finish off the hat by 11:30. It was so great.

I wore both this morning because it was freezing. Mom says I look like a turtle poking my head out of its hole.

But it’s super pretty. This yarn is 50/50 Wool/Silk and it’s super soft and I love it.

I also love the striping going on in both. It worked SO well, didn’t pool and it looks gorgeous. I can’t wait to make my next giant skein of Abstract Fiber.

I also have other news!

I went to this little boutique downtown and sold her four hats, two neckwarmers and one scarf to sell on consignment. She also contracted me for another six scarves! So needless to say I’ve been knitting like crazy to get them done before December 10, which is when they go on sale! It’s a great stash busting opportunity and that just means I can buy more yarnage!


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