It’s been a very successful Thanksgiving today. I spent it with Mom and we made some amazing food. I’m now paying the price with a stomachache because of this amazingly rich and delicious food.

I spent my day crocheting for the Consignment set. Last night I finished a Cascade Crochet scarf

I made it in O-Wool Balance in a gorgeous rust orange that doesn’t show up very well in this picture.

Today I decided to make a scarf of my own design out of the 100 percent Pima Cotton.

This is why I hate cotton. It took me the entirety of watching the movie “The Bounty Hunter” to detangle this idiot knot.

When that was done, I started making this:

It’s nothing but Double Crochets but I skip a stitch on the outsides. It should be a gorgeous scarf when I’m done.

So what am I thankful for?
-My Mom- she is my rock, my light, my right hand chica. I love her with all my heart.
-My family- All the beautiful ladies (and an uncle and brother) that know how to make me laugh and give me a reason to fight for everything I want in life.
-Justin- My love. The man who, even though he’s in Afghanistan fighting in a war, tells me to shut up when I tell him not to worry about getting me a Christmas present. He makes me smile and makes every day feel like homecoming day.
-My best friends- Murphy, Caitlin and Marie. These gals are the best. They are some of the greatest people and I am proud to call them “Friend.”

I’m going to work for part of the day tomorrow… this may have been a mistake.


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