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Hudson Part 2

So! I have less than nine minutes to write this post before going into a meeting to learn how to use a Microsoft program that could mean the next year of my life.

I finished Hudson last night and lost a lot of sleep because of it. I finished at about 11:30, had all the ends woven in and was ready to wear them at midnight. I then proceeded to marvel at them for another hour or so and didn’t get to sleep until well after 1 a.m.. I slept through two hours of my alarm going off… I need a more annoying and/or loud alarm…

Yarn: Abstract Fiber “Deep Lake” My own handspun
My pattern mixed with Fall 2010 Knit Simple’s Red Mittens.
Needles: two size 6 circular needles and size 6 DPNs
Started: Monday November 29. Finished December 2

I’m in love with them. It’s my very own handspun made up into something I plan on wearing every day of winter.  They’re fraternal twins but I’m OK with that because I get to tell people it’s my own handspun and I get to be proud and such.

I wore them today while driving to work. The traction is great on them and I don’t have to grip the wheel for dear life whenever I turn. It also helps to NOT have the mittens on when flipping off a guy who tried playing Chicken with you while you were trying to get out of the bike lane…

I have a bit left, but definitely not enough to finish two mittens… which is what I wanted to do for Murphy. Instead, I’m going to Knitch in Delafield where I know they have roving and pick up a pretty one and make her some mittens out of that. Good plan.

OK I wrote this post in six minutes. Now I really have to go to my meeting! To let you know what I’m working on? Consignment stuff and more mittens. I have about 6 pairs of mittens to make for Christmas… I’m not gonna want to see another pair in my life when this is over…


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