The Awesome Weekend

I’m so sad that this weekend is over!

Saturday: I had plans to meet with Cheryl from Stitch n Bitch after she was done with orientation in Brookfield so I went to Knitch to find some roving and some more yarn for my cousin’s Christmas presents. I bought two 4-ounce rovings in some really pretty colors that I plan on spinning up for mittens for my friends. I’ll post pictures tomorrow when I’ve taken pictures.

I went from Knitch out to Brookfield for lunch. We went to Joann Fabrics for a birthday present for Jenny at Stitch n Bitch. There I found Knits Men Want and some yarn for my own stash. Cheryl gave me a copy of her coupons for the day- 50 percent off an item and 20 percent off the whole order. These coupons saved me 15 dollars. It was sweet!

From there we went to Barnes and Noble because I needed to find a book on O’ahu to plan for a Hawaiian vacation with Justin after he comes home. He called and asked for a couple other books to be sent to him. Lucky for me, one of my college friends works at this particular Barnes and Noble. Saturday, coincidentally, was Employee Appreciation Day and she offered to help me out with purchasing the books with her discount. I paid her cash and she saved me 20 dollars!

THEN we went to Red Robin for dinner and, after our server was kind of a jerk and ignored us for our entire meal and handed Cheryl a crumpled receipt, we told the manager and she comp’ed our meals! This was definitely not what we were looking for out of complaining but hey… cool!

I finished my homespun tam. I made it super big and it looks great worn with my hair down or up and hidden in the hat. It’s also very warm and very soft (there must be silk in the roving) and I’ve been wearing it constantly.

Sunday was then spent doing absolutely nothing. I slept in, we put copious amounts of lights on the Christmas tree, put about seven oranments on the tree, called it a day, and finished a scarf and started another, and started a pair of mittens. I finished off the day shopping with Mom. Upon putting on the tam, mom said “It’s a bit much” which turned out to be a lie since it was completely frigid while we were out.

So today I’m working on the mittens because the Chunky Orange scarf is far too large to knit on at work. I’ll be going to Ruhamas in Bayshore for my first pair of Addi’s…or three. From there I’ll be going to Jenny’s for Stitch n Bitch for her birthday!  Should be good!


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