So a few weeks ago I went to Boutique Larieux and they agreed to sell four hats, seven scarves and  two neckwarmers for consignment. This deal required me to make six additional scarves before December 9 so the pieces can go on sale December 10. I was incredibly excited at the prospect of having my handknits on consignment but making six scarves in three weeks seems like a very high demand. So I got started right away.

She wanted two blue, two purple, a green and a red scarf. For some reason I thought she wanted two orange scarves too so I started with O-Wool in a gorgeous burnt orange and a chunky orange from The Great Orange Sweater. Mom wanted to help so she cast on my Grape Kool Aid and then Lion Brand Thick and Quick in an eggplant purple.

So here’s the cascade scarf I made out of the O-Wool. I haven’t taken updated photos of the other scarves but know they’re pretty great.

I then chained on a teal scarf of my own design and had to force myself to finish it because I was so bored and I was so sick of working with cotton. This was my predicament on Thanksgiving day while watching a movie with Mom.

I finished it last night and I still have a ton of the teal to work with. Does anyone want to do a swap with me? Probably 200 yards of teal 100 percent Pima cotton for something way cooler and not cotton?

The chunky orange scarf is much like the Lizzie Skurnick scarf but I definitely went to Ruhamas in Glendale to buy a pair of size 13 circular needles because I definitely need them to finish this (I’m going to break my straights otherwise…) and then it’s just one more to finish! I finished the orange scarf last night- it’s a little shorter than I’d prefer but it’s a gorgeous scarf and I have tons of the orange left in case she wants another or in case I feel the urge to make my own.

I’ll be working on the green scarf last… She wanted at least one cabled scarf so I’m planning on knitting length-wise doing four rows of garterstitch, at least four sets of the 4-row cable and then four more rows of garterstitch. It’s made of the same yarn I used to make The Marine and I hope it knits up quickly since I have to have this scarf done tonight so I can give them all to her tomorrow.

I also have to label and put washing instructions on all the items… I’m hoping to get this done tonight.

Until then, I’ll be the one fighting with the green yarn in the corner.


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