16 days

It was made loud and clear that Christmas is looming…

However I have to ignore those days and think about today. Because today is the day all my consignment works are due…

I narrowly finished last night by putting the Green scarf in a sink of hot water, getting all the water out of it and laying it out on the floor in front of my bed where the heating vent would help it dry quickly. Luckily it did. Now I just have to add the fringe and put all the loose ends in- which is made tricky by the fact that I don’t have any of my notions on my person. I had to fashion a tapestry needle out of a paper clip. It worked quite well, actually…

Let me preface all this with MAJOR props to my Mom. She kept me motivated and really helped me out by knitting and/or crocheting three pieces for me. I would never have finished if she hadn’t helped me. LOVE YOU MOMMY!

And now for the menagerie of the consignment photos:

This scarf was made lengthwise with a 4-row cable over the entire thing and garterstitch on the borders. I added the fringe to offset the unevenness of the edges where I started to cable. The cable is pretty hard to see but I think that adds to its allure- it’s a mystery for the untrained eye.

The teal scarf was crocheted out of 100 percent Pima cotton. I created this scarf out of thin air just by doing double crochets and skipping a stitch on the outside rows. I will never again buy cotton. I hated every second of working with this yarn. It is also for that reason that I am destashing it in the hopes that it can go to a home where it won’t be hated.

The first orange scarf is crocheted in the Cascade Scarf pattern I found on Ravelry. I had to re-do the last row three times because I kept running out of yarn. It’s made in 100 percent Organic Wool in a beautiful burnt orange color.

I hand-dyed this 100 percent Peruvian Highland wool with Cherry Kool-Aid and Mom crocheted it up into this faux-granny square scarf. It’s somewhat short but I really liked how it came through.

Here is the other kool-aid dyed item for the set. I dropped this 100 percent Peruvian Highland wool in Grape Kool aid. I love how the blue came through and there’s some white patches where the yarn was tied tightly around the skein. Mom made this in an afternoon on her loom.

This scarf is a bit of a mystery. It was found in a pile of old scarves that we were going through in an attempt to donate some stuff to Goodwill. I thought it was pretty and it would allow for a nice consignment project. As far as I know, it was never worn by anyone and it sat in the closet for some time before being picked up by me. It’s a boucle yarn and it was knit in Garterstitch on size 32 needles… that’s all I can tell you.

This… is half of the Great Orange Sweater. I spun this yarn shortly after getting my wheel and I thought it would make a gorgeous scarf. I knit it lengthwise on size 13 circular needles and it turned out beautifully. I still have plenty left over to either make myself one or to sell as well.

Finally, this is Lion Brand Thick n Quick in purple. Mom knit this up on the loom as well and added a cute fringe to the ends. It is super soft and cushy as it’s double-knit (she knit it on a circular loom). I kind of wish I could keep it for myself!

Remember how many scarves she asked for (the answer is six)? I am bringing her eight scarves to peruse and accept for sale.

So that’s it! Later today I get to trek through the snow into the heart of downtown Milwaukee where Lydia with Boutique Larrieux will look through all the scarves, deem which ones she’d like in her shop, and we’ll sign the contract! The scarves, hats and neckwarmers all go on sale tomorrow and I’m so excited to sell some stuff and possibly see it around this great city!

Now that I am done with knitting all these projects, I have to get spinning! I have seven pairs of mittens to make for Christmas and I’m hand-spinning three pairs of them. Thankfully though, three pairs aren’t due until after Christmas.

First up? Some superwash Berroco Merino and yellow Cascade 220 Quattro. 

Two pairs of mittens… for me and Justin!


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