Christmas killers

Due to animosity from some of the people in my life, I cannot knit as much as I’d like– forget that it’s a detox from staring at a spreadsheet for six hours and I’d like 10 minutes to myself where I can knit in peace and stop my brain from turning to mush… but that’s beside the point. I am not a machine!

I finished a mitten last night. I was determined to finish this bugger before I went to bed and thusly didn’t get to sleep until 1 a.m.

There was also something seriously wrong with the world this morning when the entirety of I-94 was shut down from Miller Park to the East Side. Stupid person who refused to get out of his car since 4 a.m. What is wrong with you? It took me more than an hour to get to work this morning.

Pattern: Basic mittens; Yarn: The Family Pendragon: Colorway: Feast/Arthur with the yarn held double. Size 5 double pointed needles.

I like it.

I should have stayed home today. Thank goodness it’s Friday- this week sucked. Spinning tonight and knitting this weekend.


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