It’s really cold

After coming home from grocery shopping yesterday, I decided to start spinning again. It’s been a while since I last had the opportunity to spin so I thought I’d get working on it again!

I went to Knitch in Delafield a few weeks ago and picked up two rovings from “Fairy Yarn Mother.” I started spinning this gorgeous roving- I’m calling it Spumoni because it looks a lot like Spumoni.

The flash blew out the color so much- the blues are actually Purples and only very little schnibbles are yellow whereas everything else is greens. It spins up so well!

As soon as that’s done, I’ll be working on the blue roving- which I’m calling Bluebell.

I will be making mittens out of both these rovings for my friends. The rovings are 100 percent Merino Wool and I love them a lot as they’re incredibly soft.

I’m going to Stitch n Bitch tonight to hopefully finish the orange mittens and start a purple pair for one of my cousins!

There are a mere 12 days until Christmas… and I have three pairs of mittens to make before then. Not to mention one more for Justin to keep his fingers warm while at work!


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