Feeling down

I didn’t get the job I was so desperately hoping I’d get… I found out right away this morning so I’ve been in a funk all day and all I want to do is be mopey and knit to feel better… but I’m at work so I have to suck it up and pretend I enjoy copying and pasting all day.

Last night at Stitch n Bitch I was a quick knitter. I finished Feast:

I really like these… They’re a gift for a family member so unfortunately I can’t keep them but they’re going to keep her hands very warm. The flash made these looks super warm-colored when they’re actually quite bright. Here’s what they look like under just a lamp:

This one is a little better. It’ll look much better when on the person in natural light. Should be a good Christmas. These were made with the yarn held double on size 5 DPNs.

When I finished Feast, I started working on Grape:

I tried putting two mittens on two circular needles to possibly do the mittens at the same time, but it wound up being an utter disaster and I switched to another set of circs and I’ll do magic loop with the other. These mittens both have a cuff done and I’ve joined them in the round. These mittens are so pretty and they’re made of some Cascade 220 on size 6 needles (technically, three pairs of circulars) I bought last year in Seattle so I can’t wait to finish these and move on to Blue Velvet:

I’m making these for another family member and I’m hoping to get them done this weekend. I’ll be knitting these with Cascade 220 on size 5 DPNs.

There’s one more pair of mittens I don’t have a picture for because I haven’t started them yet… They’ll be made out of Cascade 220 Superwash Paints in Jade. She has one toddler and one more on the way- Superwash is a must! Knowing me, I’ll start the mittens on Monday and narrowly finish them as we’re pulling into the driveway of their house on Christmas morning.


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