A Menagerie of Mittens

My Christmas knitting list has gotten so bad that I’ve started mapping out every day of my knitting life from now until Christmas. There are four more pairs of mittens to make. By the end of the year I don’t think I’ll want to look at another mitten, considering I’ve yet to make a pair of mittens for myself– I’m quite content with my Isotoners. Is that bad of me?

When I saw the Red Mittens pattern in the Fall issue of KnitSimple, I had no idea that I’d be making 80 million pairs of these mittens. Since then I’ve made the Thumbie, which I hate and am going to rip out (they’re too holey!), Hudson, soon to be a Christmas present for a friend; Feast, another Christmas present for a family member; and Grape, Blue Velvet and Redsies (I realized her favorite color is red, not green, so I’ll be using Cascade 220 superwash for this one) for family members also.

I have no new pictures on the status of Grape, BlueVelvet or Redsies because I didn’t do a single stitch of knitting yesterday. Work and pure exhaustion got in my way.

I’m also planning towork on these when I’m done with the above mittens:

Mobile Mittens: Special thanks to mariadenmark on Flickr for the picture (posted on Rav).

I’m hoping to get these started just before Christmas. As soon as I finish them, I’ll be sending them off to Afghanistan to warm the hands of The Marine as a third, (only one box made it to him before Christmas) Christmas present.

Cascade 220 Superwash calls for size 5 or 6 needles but when you make a pair of mittens in size 6 needles with the yarn held single, it gets breezy and kind of holey (the problem with Thumbie). I want these to be super cushy and warm so I’ll be holding the yarn double on size 6 needles.

It’s been very cold every night since he got there in October so I don’t think it’ll ever really warm up so I think they’ll keep him comfy every day while he’s on guard or working. The convertible mitts will work really well as it’ll allow him to use all his digits and still keep a majority of his hands warm. He can also put those hand-warmer things in the upper flap. If I like them enough, I might make myself a pair so I can drive with them on.

Let’s not forget all the crap I have to do after Christmas! Forget driving around like a madperson to visit with my family on Christmas day and the day after, but I also have another two pair of mittens to make for MORE people. I still haven’t decided if I’m going to give up my precious hand-spun or if I’m going to do some stash busting. I’m leaning toward stash busting… because I love my hand-spun and I’m a greedy, greedy knitter.

So on the schedule today: Work until 4:30. Run an errand. Come home and knit Grape until exhaustion sets in and I’ve run out of DVR stuff to watch. I better finish at least one mitten. If I don’t, we might as well write off Christmas as a failure and try again next year.


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