Dear Non-Knitter,

Are you desperately trying to find a present for a special knitter in your life? It’s a slippery slope when it comes to finding a decent present for the person you love, best friend, family member, let alone a knitter-[insert prsonal relationship to you]. Sure you can go to the generic stuff (books, jewelry, lotion etc.) but if you really want to capture your kitters’ love and affection and make him/her eternally happy, here’s a list of the things you can get for him/her.

1. Yarn: This is the number one item on every knitters’ list. I know what you’re thinking “You want yarn? You already have TONS of yarn!” Know that there is no such thing as having too much yarn. A knitter will always value new yarn and the best thing you can do is buy a skein or two of really pretty yarn for your knitter. He/she can use it to make really pretty stuff to wear forever or give back to you when knit.

2. Gift card: Do you feel scared to buy yarn for your knitter? Are you worried that you’re getting the wrong stuff? Are you intimidated by all the wool in a yarn shop? Go online to and buy a gift card so your knitter can buy his/her own yarn. For those of you *cough* JUSTIN! *cough* who think a gift card isn’t personal and it’s a cop-out, know that this is NOT TRUE! Your knitter would prefer you get a gift card as it allows him/her to pick the yarns they want, rather than trying to find a use for the metallic eyelash you thought they’d like.

3. Woolwash- This stuff is incredibly helpful especially if your knitter is a sock knitter. Socks aren’t usually superwash so they can’t just go into the washing machine after every use. Most times, your knitter will take over the bathroom with socks lying out to dry after being hand-washed in warm water in the tub. Woolwash, like SOAK are great to give as they have really wonderful scents and your knitter can immediately start using it on their handspun or their just-finished lace shawl. Check out the sampler packs, or if you see a bottle hanging around in the bathroom, buy her another bottle of the scent found there.

4. Needles. Here’s where it gets a little tricky and where you should probably divert to number two. Needles come in a variety of content, lengths, type etc. If you’re a really good investigator, look at your knitters’ needle stash- they’re usually either packed in a holder or, worst-case-scenario, on a Work-In-Progress, and note which sizes he/she may be missing (sizes range from 0-50, come in single-point, double-point and circular, and are made from everything between plastic/acrylic to bamboo to ivory). If you really want to buy needles for your knitter, ask them what sizes they need/want and either find them online or go to the yarn store (it’s NOT as bad as it sounds…).

5. Notions: Every knitter needs these. Here’s a list of the things you can buy your knitter- even if she has one already, she can always use another. We have multiple bags, so we can therefore have multiple notions cases.

-Needle Gauge
-Row counters
-Stitch markers
-Blocking pins/boards
-Small scissors
-Tapestry needles/Darning needles
-Cable needles

6. Coffee: Chances are, your knitter lives off coffee most days. Especially around the Christmas season, your knitter will need a lot more coffee to stay sane through the insane knitting season. Please feel free to cut them off when they start babbling incoherently about mittens, stockinette stitch and/or increases and decreases.

7. Digital camera: Your knitter most likely has a profile on Ravelry and/or writes a blog. He/she will want to document her works so a digital camera is a great idea.

8. Mix-tapes: If you’re working on a really tight budget, consider making a mix for your knitter so she can listen to it while knitting. Sitting in a dead-silent room while listening to nothing but the click of your needles is very boring and no one likes to do it. We like the white noise so a thoughtful mix-tape from you will not go unnoticed.

When it doubt, dear non-knitter, go to a yarn shop. I swear to you, it’s not a bad experience. If you go to a shop your knitter frequents, the people usually know who you’re talking about so tell them your knitter has a lot of yarn and what he/she likes to knit and the people will be able to help you. If the yarn shop really intimidates you that much, go online and buy a gift card. You cannot go wrong with either of these options. And please, don’t go to a craft store like Joann’s or Michaels. Get some of the good-quality stuff for your knitter. You want to stay friends/significant others with them, so don’t be cheap.

Good luck to you, non-knitter! When your knitter opens up that present on Christmas morning, may you feel very proud for the work you’ve done and your knitter will be all kinds of appreciative that you decided to think of them.  

May your holidays be merry and warm. Please wish your knitter a very Merry Christmas for me and tell them Happy Knitting!


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