Forgive the short post. I’m pissy and a little tipsy so…

It’s been a long weekend. I laughed, I cried. I drank.

I made the purple mitten and hated it, forgot about it and decided to make a fair isle hat. It’s working pretty well but I’m drinking… so… Let’s hope this goes well.

I forgot to mention I’m also snacking on some fudge. Have I mentioned it’s been a crappy week?

Once this hat is done, I’ll be making another fair isle hat. This will finish the presents for my family as I’m taking the Norwegian star hat for one of them.

I found out today that I won’t have a job after Thursday- I was supposed to have all of next week but NO! They decided to kick me to the curb a week early. I want to play hooky tomorrow.

I came home to a great present– I got a call when mom got home “You have a box! It’s tall and skinny” and I knew it was flowers.

They’re clearly from Justin. And I love them so much. They smell great and they put a smile on my face after this crappy day. I love that boy.

I’m going back to knitting. I’m sorry to say to you all that the blog is going to be rather quiet for the next couple days. It’s going to be nothing but Christmas presents so I don’t want to spoil the surprise for friends and family. See you all soon!


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