Family Christmas

I have been knitting like whoah for days and it finally paid off tonight.

Mom, Nick and I went to my Aunt and Uncle’s house for Taco Tuesday and Christmas present exchange. I knit furiously on Abby’s hat until 4 p.m. but didn’t get it done what with needing to shower and get pretty-looking. I also got a call from Justin shortly before leaving so that slowed me down. I wasn’t able to knit in the car either because the stupid over-head light didn’t work and I was still talking to Justin so I couldn’t use the light from my phone. It’s quite hard to do decreases when you can’t see where they are…

So when I finished talking to Justin, I turned on the flash of my camera and started knitting furiously. I had cast on 108 stitches so how could I finish decreasing in 15 minutes…? I put the hat in the present bag and figured I’d explain everything when she opened the bag.

“I don’t know how to knit!!!” was the exclamation she made when pulling out the almost-finished hat from the bag. I immediately took it back from her and started knitting and kept going until I finished the decreases, wove in all the ends and handed it back to her. She loved it and heck, I do too!

I wish I have pictures but my Aunt took them so I’m waiting for them to come along. I did take this picture though of my three gorgeous cousins:

Abby’s in the blue with the Norwegian Flower, Robin is in the purple with Flora and Katie is above with the Norwegian Star. If you look closely, you can see my Aunt Pam’s mittens called Feast on the arm of the chair. Robin and Abby are now requesting matching mittens and scarves in exchange for Jack and Coke and money. I’m considering it.

I will definitely have more pictures posted when I get them from Aunt Pam. Christmas is still not over, however. I’m pretty big on the fair isle thing so I’m working on making some stuff for BestieFest but I’m still not sure what to do for them yet…


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