Unemployed and Lazy

WHELL! I’m still job-hunting. That whole theory on you send out 100 resumes, you get 10 interviews for 1 job is crap. Especially in my line of business. I’ve been applying like a madwoman and I’m really hoping someone bites this week for SOMETHING.

Until then, I’m knitting. I went through a lull for a couple days and finally picked up the needles today. I’m using some Berrocco Vintage in this wine-berry color that is so gorgeous and ambient and it looks amazing in this tam:

Isn’t she pretty??

I’m still going to be knitting and applying for jobs tomorrow… I’m sure I’ll have more to share then!

Until then, I’ll be knitting on this tam, and I’ll be casting on Spumoni into a cabled tam that I anticipate being stunning.


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