I caved

For the last month, my scarves, neckwarmers and hats have been on sale on consignment at Boutique Larrieux. Unfortunately for me, none of the knits sold so I went to pick them up today.

I took them to the Fashion Xchange in Brookfield but realized that they only give you 30 percent of the selling price, which would make all of my scarves about 10 dollars each in profit to me, which was just pathetic.

So I brought all my knits home, took pictures, and sucked it up and registered for PayPal and Etsy.

After another 3 hours of uploading and understanding Etsy, I’ve created….


Yup. A store. At 20 cents per listing for 30 days, I figure one sale will more than make up for it. I really hope that there is at least one person out there who will find my store and purchase a knit from me.

Until then, I’ll be knitting and probably spinning. And I’ll continue applying for jobs. Have I mentioned how much it sucks not having a job?


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