Utter failure

I have applied to hundreds of jobs. I even apply to more than 10 job opportunities a day and yet I am still frittering my time away at home every day.

I’ve also had all day to stare at Spumoni. And I’m not liking it. Casting off took too long and it made the hat GINORMOUS and I don’t like it. I’m considering putting in a lifeline right before the decreasing and I’ll rip it back and make the decreases far more often- probably 10 rather than 6 decreasing rows. This way I’ll still have a little bit of slouch versus the hat looking like I should have dreadlocks under it. The colors look too rasta whenever I put it on and it slouches like this… and I’m just in one of those moods.

I also spent some time knitting on the heathered tam. This one will fit more closely to the head so I’ll do the decreases normally. That and the amethyst color will look adorable in a more slouchy tam.

I also sent out about 20 resumes, applied for countless jobs and even considered moving to Neenah WI for a technical editor job should I get offered the job because it sounded too freaking good to be true. For some reason, commuting two hours each way per day seemed like it would be kind of expensive.

I’ll post pictures of the updated Spumoni as soon as I stop hating it.

Finally: to all of you, my darling readers, please pass along the link to my shop to your non-knitter friends, especially if you’re a selfish knitter. I would really appreciate at least one sale since I’m so desperate for cash. I hope your weekends are full of enjoyment and happy weather. I’ll be the one knitting in the over-sized chair with hot cocoa watching the snow fall.


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