Stashbusting and crocheting

I’ve been incapacitated over the last few days with the worst case of cramps and vengeful bleeding that hasn’t afflicted me this much in months. I’ve been living with a hot water bottle attached to my stomach and thusly, I’ve been knitting a hot water bottle cozy out of the blue heathered Berrocco Vintage.

On Saturday I cleaned out the stash. It was spawning into the living room and mom kept moving it around and pushing it away and all manner of creating large piles of my stuff that I decided to move it all into the office to re-fix the stash. However, the storage area for my knitting has become too small, so I decided to perform a stashbust. I’m also trying to come up with a better storage space for my yarn since this one can’t handle all my wool!

I picked out three of the skeins of brown– you remember the brown? The very first Cascade 220 yarn I bought… that I coincidentally bought 9 skeins of for the Tomten sweater that simply didn’t work out– and cast on the black hole cowl that so happened to be crocheted with very chunky yarn with a very large hook. I finished the cowl in less than two hours. I have these really cute buttons that I’ll be attaching to the cowl and starting on the second this afternoon before giving them to friends.

That little string? It’s where the button will be going. I haven’t sewn it on yet though.

I then decided to take apart the inch and a half of garterstitch in plum for Caitlin’s friend that I told her I’d make over a year ago. Instead I added a third skein in the form of Patons Silk/Bamboo mix which gave it a big of a heathered look and it was also very cushy. I finished the scarf in less than four hours. GO ME! I’ll be giving it to Caitlin on Sunday at BestieFest and hopefully her friend will love it.

I made it with a mixture of triple crochets and single crochets made into the back loops to give the lines on the sides.

I’m still working on the purple tam but it’s coming along extremely slowly. I’m working on size six needles so it’s taking a while.

I decided to put it down for a while and start on the hot water bottle cozy, which is coming along just as slowly. I’ve refilled this water bottle four or five times and each time it’s with super hot water (Yes, I know the bottle says not to put more than 112 degrees of tap water, but I heat up water in the kettle until it’s simmering-ish and then pour it in. It’s hot for HOURS but it’s sometimes a little too hot, so I thought I’d cover the ugly pink/red of the hot water bottle with blue-heather-ey goodness.

Stitch n Bitch tonight! I’ll be the one with the hot water bottle knitting its cozy tonight. It should be a good one.


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