BestieFest 2011

Only three weeks late, Caitlin, Marie and I got together for Christmas BestieFest.

I brought my knits for the girls and Caitlin’s friend.

This little ditty is all garterstitch. I make it asymmetrical so it could be folded over and it would have some depth to it. I gave it to Marie.

Sorry for the squint! The flash was bright. I would have too.

Then was Caitlin’s cowl.

You’ll remember this guy from my stashbusting day. I added a wooden button to it and called it a day.

BestieFest was fun. I cooked a chicken and quinoa dish that was delicious (So much so that I’m eating it for lunch today) with a salad and a cookie-orangey-chocolatey-nutty goodness bar for dessert. We sat around, talked for hours, watched the golden globes and exchanged presents. I had fun and can’t wait to see them again!

Tomorrow’s post: Justin’s Valentine’s mitts and something made with alpaca…


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