I went to Stitch n Bitch with some serious funk going on in terms of what to knit. I brought the Baby Bringer blankie and crocheted barely anything because I’m sick of working on it. And then! I picked up my fingerless mitts that I’m making out of the same alpaca as the mittens (which have had a proper photoshoot…pictures below!) but quickly got bored with it.

Then I saw Leah’s sweater… and Jenn’s scarf. I wanted to make Leah’s tunic and planned on finding superwash sportweight in approximately 1300 yards and sucking it up and using size 3 needles (I believe a whimper was let out when I heard that…) but would have had to pay for the pattern and decided against it in favor of a free pattern on Ravelry. That’s when I found the Kangaroo Tunic. I instantly fell in love with its simplicity and the super chunky yarn and cute buttons and planned on what yarn to work it in.

SO! Today I woke up at 6, went to my interview in Sun Prairie, drove home and went to Joann Fabrics and bought four skeins of Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick and size 17 circular needles *yes… Size 17* and came straight home to start.

It’s been four hours and here’s how much I have done:


I’m in love with this sweater. It’s thick and going to be very warm but I’ll definitely pair a shirt under it. I’ve gone through one skein already and I’ve just started with the second. I hope to have it done tomorrow- if I work on it non-stop, that is.

I finally got some pictures taken of the latest knits. Here’s the KnitPicks Andean Treasure Alpaca mittens:

I love how the colors switch every now and then so I get this pooling affect that I really love.

These mittens were the inspiration to the Stupid Easy Mittens and I’m so glad they came around when they did. I actually WORE these mittens! They’re super warm and soft and I love them…so much that I’m going to keep them for myself! Shocker, I know.

Finally, I have been holding off on this cap for about a month. I bought this beautiful Berrocco Vintage in a heathered purple and thought this cap would be done quickly but I got bored with all the stockinette and put it down for a while… like three weeks a while.

I picked it up the other day and started knitting and miraculously finished it.

I made it into a tam. My hair is wet under this cutie and I love that I can pull my hair back into a bun and pop it under the tam and head out the door and no one needs to know!

I would show you the Baby Bringer blankie but I haven’t finished it quite yet… Mom thinks I should do at least four more rounds but I’m SO BORED with doing nothing but a GIANT Granny Square.

…I just realized that I was supposed to show you all how to do a Granny Square… I’ll do it soon! I promise!

Anyway!I’m going to try and get back on the wagon– my posting schedule has been oh so junky so I’m going to try to post, if not every day, then every other day.

Tomorrow! Finishing the Kangaroo Tunic while doing a phone interview in the morning! I may even start spinning again.


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