Come Along, Pond

It is currently 3 a.m. and I cannot sleep. Why?


Yes, I felt the desire to bold AND enlarge the font… it’s just that ridiculous and monumental. I have never once lost a scarf- especially one I made… It’s simply unforgivable.

I went to dinner with Max followed by coffee at Starbucks where I gently placed Amy Pond over the back of my chair. Upon getting up and leaving, I freaking left this 1,000-yard, two-weeks-of-love, double-stranded, cabled nightmare beauty on the back of the chair. It wasn’t until I was leaving Max’s house at 2:30 a.m. that I realized I didn’t have it.

Starbucks opens in two hours. They don’t have an answering machine. How do I know this? Because I called them and sat there listening to the constant Bflat of the ringtone for 20 or so rings before giving up, a fistfull of tears ready to burst from my eyes.

I don’t have the money nor the time and patience to re-make Amy Pond… It was hell making her in the first place… only to make it again? I don’t think I’d make it.


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