Random Friday

Wednesday was a success! I was woken up at 5 a.m. to my alarm and I called Starbucks. The boy I talked to was very nice- he found Amy Pond and put it in the back for me and told me I could pick her up whenever I want. I had intended to get up and go get her right away but I fell back to sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I woke up five hours later to my phone interview person calling me. After clearing my throat 85 times to make it sound like I’m not sleeping, I answered the call and successfully went through the interview. It was so successful that I had a face-to-face interview today! This also went pretty well (the drive to Sun Prairie is SO BORING!) and I’m hoping to hear something on Monday.

I came home from my interview to get more snow and ice up my pants and in my shoes so I changed into yoga pants and my wellies and turned up the Electric Sheep podcast and shoveled the entire driveway. I felt really good about it and I’m sure my back, arms and abs will be hurting tomorrow!

I’ve been knitting a hat on size 3 needles. This day was one I thought would never come but I guess the girl working at Loop was right- I’d get here one day. When Nick bought me all that DK and Sport weights yarn and they call for size 3-5 needles and I like my knitting tight so I go to the smaller size so I knew I should suck it up and get size 3s. So I did.

It’s taking a while- by this time, I’d be done with a hat and starting another but I only have approximately three inches done.

It’s in KnitPicks Andean Treasure in a burnt orange color. I only have one skein so I’m hoping it’ll be enough… It might end up being an ear-warmer instead… not sure yet.

I’m trying to think of something else to knit… I don’t know why I go through these ruts of not being able to figure out what to knit, but I just need the right pattern to catch my attention.

The house is freezing, so I’m going to cook something to warm it up rather than turning up the heat.

I hope your weekends are beautiful and you stay warm! I’ll be the one in a blanket with hot cocoa/tea hoping The Marine’s SAT Phone doesn’t crap out anymore. Perhaps there will be spinning…


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