No pics…

I am fully aware of the fact that I haven’t blogged in about a week… I am sorry for this because it means I am not sticking to my initial plan of blogging daily or every other day… I have a good excuse!!

I have been knitting, but taking pictures of said knitting and then e-mailing them to myself has proven to be tough since the work computers don’t allow you to access Gmail. It’s unfortunate for me because I like my E-mail and I like how easy it is to get pictures to post to the blog. This is unfortunate for you, my reader, because it means I can’t post a picture to go along with my knitting unless I write it at home, where I spent about three waking hours as of right now.

I am on a yarn diet. What is that, you’re wondering? A yarn diet is the act of not buying any new yarn and using the yarn in your stash to make all items until a certain point. My certain point is when I get comfortable with money; or until I get my tax return and a steady paycheck- so a month or two from now. I’m thinking my birthday will be a good time to break the diet. I’m using up as much of my stash as possible while knitting presents and coming up with the perfect way to use up all my Cascade 220 in a sweater that doesn’t look like barf.

I finished the new Baby Bringer blanket at Stitch n Bitch on Monday and only four days after Baby Ellie Reagan was born. Kate says she has a new appreciation for pink so I’ll be making the little bairn a pink sweater once I get some pink yarn. Needless to say I’ll be making a nice large size sweater so she can grow into it and it won’t be useless after 30 seconds.

I also have a present to make by Friday for Murphy’s birthday. I started a cowl on Sunday, took it apart on Monday, picked up a new yarn and cast on a new cowl on Tuesday. I’m hoping to finish it soon, but it won’t be the easiest of items to make- Lots of cabling and thick yarn.

I’m working on a lace scarf for the mother of one of my childhood friends. It will be making its trip over the pond to England to warm her neck. I’m hoping to finish it soon. It’ll be an asymmetrical lace scarf in which I simply did a *k2tog, yo for the entire scarf. I have two skeins of Cascade 128 in Cranberry and Cherry reds.

Tonight I am driving from Sun Prairie to the house, then from the house to Hartford for Open Knit at Main Street Yarn Shop. From there I’ll be going to the Mineshaft with Cheryl. It should be good. Until then, I’ll be the one describing skate shoes in the corner slowly going blind from the constant flash of a camera on the other side of the office.


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