I am freezing…

I’m working on the last few moments of my lunch break so I thought I’d pop on and write a little ditty. So here’s a randomly random Friday post

I’m at my desk with the space heater on high and on the hottest setting and I’m still freezing. The space heater is also making the air in front of the monitor do that wavy thing that makes it look like my monitor is a mirage. I’m so tired that I wish it were, indeed, a mirage.

Why is it so cold? I have no idea. The studio is set to a colder temperature but today is particularly cold. It’s like someone left a window open with our -2 degree weather. Not to mention our delicious -10 degree wind chill. My car has been sluggish to start in the mornings since this wonderful freeze.

Valentines day is Monday. I will not be one of the mushy gushy people while I’m at work. I will be a sourpuss until I receive a phone call from my love and hopefully go home to find a large box of flowers on the doorstep from him as well.

I am still working dilligently on Murphy’s cowl for her birthday. We’re all getting together at a restaurant on the East side tomorrow night to celebrate her 21st. This cowl is very large and has cables; two aspects that aren’t the best idea for making a cowl under deadline. I told her I will do my best to get it done in time, otherwise I’ll be knitting at the restaurant trying desperately to finish.

I have so much work to do over the next three hours. So many pairs of shoes haven’t been uploaded into the system so they’re not yet on the site and, quite frankly, I’m going to want to do it because I’m anal like that.

I decided to start on a couple items to keep me from buying any yarn since I’m still on this yarn diet kick until I get my tax return and a steady paycheck. However, I am going to buy a couple sets of KnitPicks circular needles. The fact that their cables don’t kink and they’re anti-memory is really truly appealing to me. I might give myself the birthday present of an entire options interchangeable circulars set so long as I’m not allergic to the nickel plated.

I will be starting a sweater soon. I have so much of the brown and blue cascade 220 still so I’ll be doing a blue upper and brown lower. I’m working on finding the perfect top-down raglan sweater pattern so I can make something simple that I know will absolutely fit. I’ll be making it on size 6 needles and I’ll be casting on this weekend, so long as I find the perfect pattern.

I’m also working on Rosalee-that’s a Rav link. Sorry to you non-ravelers- no link for you. I’ll post a picture once I start working on it. I’m making it with my Carolina Homespun roving in a laceweight and size 7 needles. It’s going to take some thinking about and trial and error but I should be able to get some work done on it soon.

I’m still plugging along on the simple eyelet lace scarf for Carol in London. It’s very slow going but I’ve not had a ton of time to do much since I come home and crash right away.

I’m going to hug the space heater for a while longer and get back to work.


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