Quite a week

It’s been a good amount of time since I last updated and I’m sad to say I haven’t done all that much knitting. To be honest, I’ve been finishing projects instead.

I gave two items from the store to Murphy for her birthday and told her to throw out the old brown hat I made her last year since it was a poorly made hat and I got her the matching cowl. She had a great 21st birthday and I hope she’ll get some use of her presents even now with the random weather we’re having.


I finished the orange headwarmer but never finished it with weaving in the ends and such so I finished that about an hour ago.

I wear my hair up in a pony tail most days so I needed something to cover my ears on those extremely cold mornings when the sun isn’t even out until I get to work.

It’s been very balmy out lately so I haven’t had much need for handknits. BUT! I made this:

I made a pair of mittens from this same combo of yarns and decided I wanted a pair of fingerless mitts so I can have the use of my fingers. So I used the Stupid Easy Mitten pattern but stopped it short on the fingers and thumb. Mom says I look like I have teddy bears on my hands. I haven’t finished the second one but I’ll probably cast it on tomorrow.

I also made a sock.

I know. Take a deep breath. It’ll be ok

I figured I’ve been knocking the whole sock myth enough that I should make one and confirm that I don’t like it. So I did. I took my size 3 needles and my Louet Gems fingering weight yarn and taught myself Judy’s Magic Cast On and made a sock in two days.

I am not a fan. I feel every purl when walking and the Bind Off row was terrible so I have a new duster!

I haven’t really had all that much time to knit what with work and being exhausted after work and going to bed at a relatively early time. I plan on doing some major stash busting this weekend by casting on lots of projects including a sweater. Yup- a sweater.

Should be good.


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