Adventures in Yarn Dieting

I have a bit of time left in my lunch period so I thought I’d update everyone. 

I’ve been doing a lot of stashbusting. Well… trying to at least. I printed out the patterns for seven projects, cast on one and haven’t really touched the others.

I also realized that a stashbust is really hard when you only have one or two skeins of all the yarns in said stash. I can’t make sweaters because they require about 1000 yards, I can’t make a vest because it requires about 600, I can’t make a proper shawl without 400 yards and I can’t really make much more than scarves and hats with my mish-mash stash. I already have about a thousand scarves and I wear my Tams rarely.

Instead I took two skeins of red Cascade 220 Superwash and cast on Clapotis. on Saturday last week. I’ve been working on it since and I’ve gotten through about 250 yards of yarn with a decent amount knit. However, I’m running out of yarn and won’t be able to finish it without going back for more yarn. This isn’t something I wanted to do because I’m on a self-imposed Yarn Diet. I only went on this particular diet because I thought I had a lot of yarn (this is proving to be a dirty dirty lie) and I didn’t have the funds to go willy-nilly buying anymore.

However, when you’re extremely limited in the stuff you can make, it makes finding patterns and interesting items to make very hard.

I have a few options with Clapotis: I can rip. This would make me extremely sad but I can rip it back and make less increases so it’s not as wide and, thusly, less yarn consuming. Or I can go buy more yarn. This seems like a much more appealing option since I’ve already done a considerable amount of work on Clapotis and I’m kind of liking it. Plus if I ripped it back I think mom would cry.

I also have a lot of single skeins of a little more than 200 yards so I’m going to make a melee of 198 Yards of Heaven shawls for friends’ birthday and Christmas gifts for as long as they hold out or until I get completely sick of the pattern and run out of yarn. I figure I can make about 8 and have enough for some major stash busting. Right now, I’m not really digging the pattern when I could be knitting Abalone.

Abalone, the beautiful vest… If only I had 600 yards of worsted weight that wasn’t already allocated to a sweater. The first thing I buy will be two skeins of Cascade Eco in a gorgeous neutral.

I’m still working on the traveling eyelet scarf. It’s going very slowly since I don’t have all that much downtime to knit on it while I’m out of the house.

Finally, I made the decision today that I was going to figure out how to make a shrug with no excess yarn in the arms. I want something like a cardigan but I don’t want to have to deal with the cardigan. I also want to make something with 200 yards of worsted weight yarn, so it will be cropped but I don’t truly have faith that I can make anything that would fit properly unless I did it flat and seamed it at the arms which isn’t want I want to do at all.

Saturday means the end of the yarn diet. I totally believe that I can’t do anything without having higher quantities of each type of yarn so I’ll be attending the Sheep in the City festival in South Milwaukee tomorrow where I intend to buy yarn and roving. And lots of it.

And I will not feel guilty about any of it.

Some external news: The Marine comes home very soon! And I’m going to Homecoming!


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