I finally have something to show for my knitting!


OK SO! I started Clapotis a couple weeks ago. I’ve been losing steam on it since I started Abalone but I’m already about 300 yards knit. And I’m running out of yarn. I’m working on prolonging it as long as possible before going to knitch to get more red. But here’s a really truly terrible picture of Clapotis.

The dropped stitches are nearly invisible with this idiot picture. I swear I’ll get some new ones as I get more stitches dropped. Clapotis is very tedious until you get to the dropped stitches.

This is also what happens when you throw Clapotis on the floor and watch the cat decide he needs to investigate:

Next I started making a baby sweater. Ellie is probably going to be growing rapidly so I decided to find an extremely easy sweater and I started working on it. It’s taking a while but…I’m sure once I get done and/or bored with Abalone, I’ll knit up the rest of the sweater:

Katie has a new affinity for pink but I don’t have any pink… so I thought Purple would be a good option. Plus it’s Superwash and it’s gorgeous.

I went to Sheep in the City this past weekend to break the yarn diet and came home with an extremely large skein of Happy Hands in The Tide is High. I also bought some roving that would match the yarn. And I got some camel silk and some BFL rovings. I’m so ready to spin!

I grabbed the Happy Hands  right away and started Abalone. Two days later I was done with all the increases and now I’m just to the stockinette.

It’s absolutely delicious. I’ll be spinning the roving unless I need a very large quantity in which case I’ll be going to Madison for the Knit-in and buying another skein.

I wish I could say I’m more interesting. I’m currently planning for California for the Marine’s return. Anyone know of any yarn shops in Oceanside?


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