Is There a Full Moon or Something??

I’m sorry to you, my readers who may have deserted me, for taking so long to write a post. It’s been a whirlwind of events in the life of Amanda.

So here’s some randomness for your viewing pleasure:

Since last posting: I have gotten exactly 10 rows down on Abalone. I am still not yet done with the increases and I fear I’ll never get this thing done.

I have received another 560 yard skein of The Tide is High for Abalone since I’m almost positive I’ll have to start said skein to finish the vest.

I have not knit anything of Clapotis or the baby sweater.

I’m still loving my job, just not so much the office politics going on. The whole high-school mentality got old in high school so why is a grown person tattling on me to a boss in Saint Louis because I watch Rachel Maddow in the morning while working??? Intrigue. Needless to say I keep to myself and shiver through my day, which doesn’t make me a very palatable person.

I have, hardcore this time, started planning for California in less than a month (well, hopefully). This includes buying a dress and other outfits for the week I’ll be out there, keeping my bosses in the know, figuring out the best way to communicate with The Marine while he can’t get anymore minutes on his phone, and trying to handle the stress of my friends not realizing how I’m in a military relationship and these things work differently than the average nuclear relationship.

I also have plans to make this:

The Marine said he'd forgive my knitting obsession if I made him this

I have no idea where my lovely boyfriend found this but I think it’s amazing that he wants one. I have since downloaded the patterns and I’ll figure out what yarn I can use that won’t be too scratchy for him. I also need to find a yarn thick enough to keep his head warm since the Cascade 220 hats I sent him are too thin for him (I believe the line was ‘I’m bald, baby. There’s no insulation like you have’). Chunky wool it is!

Saturday I laughed and walked and protested at the State Capitol again. I came home with two handshakes from two senators of WI as they passed me in the crowd of probably 200,000 people; buttons ranging from a pop-art Walker with “Douche” written under his picture to a pink button for Planned Parenthood; many more amazing memories; three hats finished to be delivered to three senators/assemblymen for their efforts to stand up to us; and many calories burned.

Sunday I cried at the memorial of Leslie Whitaker, my old English professor. I went with my good friend Noah and met friends and classmates Angie and Alicia and we toasted Leslie and her valiant efforts to open our minds and really show us what we can achieve when we just let the words flow. I became a better writer thanks to her. This blog wouldn’t be around if it weren’t for her. I am truly grateful for her coming into my life. As such, I’m dedicating my blog to her and it will stay on the About Me page for the life of this blog.

Tuesday I went to work and came home and spun! I came home from Sheep in the City with a boat load of roving and hadn’t spun it yet.

So I did it last night:

From Peace of Yarn I got some amazing baby alpaca in a silver-gray pillow of lushness that I couldn’t stop petting. I also picked up a few inches of extra things that didn’t spin up into much but they were gorgeous to hold.

Here’s the Baby Alpaca and Suri top: It was very sticky and, as such, didn’t spin up very well. I have a few even spots but a lot of it is very uneven.

I have every intention of buying at least 5 oz of this for my birthday present to myself. It’s Camel and Silk in the most amazing golden hue I have ever seen. In roving form it is so soft I could pet and snuggle with it forever. In knit form it’s just as soft. It also spun up very easily and I was able to achieve a very smooth yarn with it.

This proved to be the most stubborn of the yarns. Angora and Tussah Silk sounded like an amazing combination and it was so soft and cozy. However it was also extremely sticky and refused to come apart from its friends at certain points. This created a very uneven spin and I did not have proper control over this fiber.

Finally: The baby alpaca. I bought five ounces of this fiber thinking I could get a good amount out of it and I think I’ll be able to get enough for a really nice and large cabled cowl for next winter. I didn’t take a picture of the yarn after it was spun up but here’s what the roving looks like:

It reminds me of Bagheera. Unfortunately I don’t have a better picture but think of a dulled quarter and you’ll get the right idea. It’s very fuzzy and my pants had plenty of extra fiber on them when I was done with two cuttings. It’s just sticky enough that I don’t lose control of it but I can still keep a pretty good and fast pace.

Here was the results of my Tuesday night:

I was pretty proud of myself.

I had then vowed to spin more tonight but instead got into a huge fight with one of my friends over plans for my birthday. I’ve since changed plans and am going to try to make the best of, what is shaping up to be, the second worst birthday ever. I have three days to salvage the disaster planning stuff has become.

Right now it’s way past my bedtime but the adrenaline rush from confrontation and being told I’m a sucky friend have me wide awake. I’ll be the one staring up at the ceiling knowing I have to get up to work in 5.5 hours.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all! I found these adorable shamrocks on Ravelry that I’m going to attempt. Let’s see how that goes…


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