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We’re sorry to report that Amanda has been buried under miles and miles of stockinette, learning to knit backwards, ripping out poorly-made edging, and an evil sickness that won’t go away.

We were able to catch up with Amanda while she was ripping out the edging on Abalone yesterday while sniffling and coughing.

“I stupidly forgot to double the stitches I picked up on the sides. The bottom came out perfectly with the increases I did so I have to start it over. I don’t want to talk about it,” she quickly commented, waving a size 6 40 inch Addi Turbo circular needle in the general direction of our notepad.

Since being out of a job due to the assignment ending unceremoniously last-minute, Amanda has been doing nothing but knitting and coughing. According to reports, she’s been sleeping until extremely late and  knitting until extremely late before repeating the process the next day. She comments that she’ll be extremely happy when the illness is gone.

At time of press, Amanda was not willing to disclose pictures of Abalone. “You wouldn’t recognize it anyway. It’s got all of the edging on one needle so it’s wildly scrunched up,” she exclaimed when we tried to photograph the mass of blues, purples and browns.


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