Cream City Yarn

I may have found my new local yarn shop.

I heard about Cream City Yarn through Ravelry and was really excited because it’s not often there’s a new yarn shop in Wisconsin opening up and there are only two stores in my immediate area and one is so extremely out-priced that I never go there.

I attended on opening day because I had nothing better to do so I left the kittens and entered the address in my GPS and set out. After 20 minutes of being stuck in traffic, I found the place in the heart of Elm Grove right across a set of railroad tracks and it kind of snuck up on me.

Upon entering the lot, I realized it used to be a bank. There were people parked in the stalls and the only downer here was that parking in general was very unclear. I diagonally parked next to another car in general parking and hoped there wouldn’t be a problem while I was there.

Upon entering, I noticed that it was very bright and airy. There was a lot of diversity in the colors and fibers right away and I was impressed with the diversity of brands and types, rather than the generic stuff one sees at all the local stores.

I also expected the prices to be astronomical but they were amazing. They were extremely economical and it was actually quite surprising. They had a gigantic display dedicated to Cascade 220 in all colors of the rainbow and they had a lot of eco-friendly yarns that were also wallet-friendly.

After spending about 20 minutes in the store I picked up a skein of yellow Cascade 220 to mix with the Cascade 220 Quatro in yellow that I bought from Ruhama’s a while back. I also picked up a gorgeous skein of teal heather and gray Cascade Alpaca D’Oro and I’ll make something fair-isle-y with those two. These items together would usually be around 40 dollars through another store, but I spent about 25 dollars and left with a smile on my face.

Unfortunately I didn’t want to look creeper by taking pictures in the store and I was too busy networking to get my name and face in their heads for a job in a month to get any proper pictures, but it’s totally worth it and that just means that you need to visit Cream City Yarn yourself!


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