I’m not gone

Mom said about 10 minutes ago: Are you through blogging??

I’ve been in California since last Sunday.

I was there for The Marine’s Homecoming…

Which I missed trying to get to California on time.

I ran out of Clapotis’ yarn while on my way to Memphis

He then took me to two shops (one he surprised me with which proves he accepts the whole knitting love) where I bought some Manos Del Uruguay, Mochi Plus and Ella Rae.

I knit an entire neckwarmer on my flights home next to a girl who reeked of whiskey and who took a drunken love to my knitting.

Since coming home, I’ve been applying for jobs, getting phone calls for phone interviews, and setting up in-person interviews. One job I really want, two others that will barely pay me anything, and another that I only applied to after a recruiter suggested I apply.

I’m working on the photographs and blurbs about my current knitting projects. I’ll probably write something tomorrow.

How was that, Mom?


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