A picture-filled post

Because I have been such a bad blogger and I haven’t updated you all on my whereabouts and my doings, I am going to make today a special case of making-up-with-you. Especially before my mother asks if I’ve stopped blogging again.

SO! Here we go.

Yesterday I did a knit-deal. It’s like a drug deal…only knitterly.

I found a woman on Craigslist who was selling a good chunk of her knitting needles (Why? I didn’t ask) for a considerable markdown. I got two sets of size 2 and one size 9 Addi Turbo/Lace and paid less than the cost of 2 for all three sets.

The size 9s have not been used yet, but my size 2s….

Have become at least one sock.

I had been asking the ladies about sizing and why I felt all the purls and it’s more than likely due to the size needles I was using. The ball band for the Louet Gems calls specifically for size 1-3 and I used a 3 to make the last sock. While the sock itself was made relatively quickly, I found that it was too uncomfortable and I soon threw it away. So I went down a size and I’m noticing a much better effect, even though just that above amount of knitting, took 12 hours to achieve.

I’ve also been–kind of– working on the WendyKnits knitalong, but I’ve become stonewalled on the second chart because I messed it up royally and forgot to put in a lifeline which resulted in two dropped stitches and 100 stitches being tinked back. Not fun. Right now it’s across the living room in one of my felted bowls… I’m scared to start knitting again.

My last active knitting item is the Felted Market Bag. This supposedly requires 400 yards to complete but after knitting most of it, I have my doubts. I am knitting this on size 10.5 ChiaGoo 60″ circs and it is taking FOREVER but I’m finally onto the next skein. I did this pattern backwards because I hated how it was increasing, so I started from the top working my way down and I’m going to attach the handles later with a possibly different color than the yellow I have going on here… I just haven’t figured out what color.

I have not been spinning, though I’m feeling the need to do it soon. When I’m not knitting, I’m applying for jobs.

I wish my life were more exciting for the sake of this blog.


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