Baby Ellie

May 1 was my deadline to make a sweater for my new second cousin, Ellie Reagan. I saw the invitation for her baptism the day I came home from California and set to making the sweater I was going to make months ago for her birth. I found the Cascade 220 Superwash Paints and found a baby shrug pattern from Debbie Bliss.

Debbie had it wrong: I got half-way through the pattern to find out that it made absolutely no sense. After three days, I adapted the pattern by cutting out the second half of the pattern and finishing it at that.

I put it in the sink with my last sample of SOAK and watched the purple colors bleed out of the yarn.

With the Superwash Paints, there’s some color loss, so I had to make sure Ellie’s mom knew. I was more worried about the sweater fitting, rather than the minor color loss that would occur with washing.

I set it out to dry and kept a wary eye on it whenever the kittens were around. I sounded like a demon screaming NOOOOOOO when George decided to attack the sweater.

It dried beautifully and we added a green button with the word Love in a 70s style print and we wrapped it up and were on our way to the baptism.

Baby Ellie is gorgeous, and looks a lot like her daddy. I got to hold her for a few minutes and she is the sweetest baby. I am so happy for her parents and can’t wait to see the young lady this little girl is going to grow into.


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