Blanket Blanket Blanket

I’m knitting a blanket.

I only have four squares done.

I’m doing them out of Cascade Eco + in Navy blue and a natural gray/white ply.

They’re all garterstitch. 40 stitches by 40 bumps.

They’re very boring.

I’m going to knit as many squares from one skein, figure out how many I can make out of three skeins and make my blanket accordingly.

I’ll be trimming it with more garterstitch and applied i-cord.

I only knit it when I’m insanely bored and need to knit.

On another note: The Marine and I broke up. I’m fine. George has a cone on his head due to a cut on his ear. I don’t have photos of anything today. I also made another no sew blanket today to replace the USMC-centric one on my bed. It’s Wisconsin Badgers-centric and seems to be very soft.


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